ESEEL ordering eases the process for both the user and the customer. Allowing waiters to efficiently tap in orders, whilst easily navigating through the menu. The menu will provide a detailed visual, allowing users to simply show customers the meal they are about to purchase. Any item can be quickly and conveniently searched at the top of the page, increasing efficiency. Orders can be easily duplicated to save time.


All menu items can hold sub-items, which can be toppings or add-on options. Sub-items will appear whilst ordering, allowing easy customization. Each topping is set to their corresponding items, and can be deselected at the time of order to demonstrate that the specific topping is not wanted.

Combo Creation

ESEEL’s software allows restaurants to implement combo meals into their menu. Providing them with the capability of tracking sides and/or drinks that are sold complementary with the purchase of an item.

Front House

The front house tab has been created to improve the waiters’ daily operations. Providing them access to the menus, checkout systems, and tables/stations. Tables can be laid out in tile or floor plan format "this will depend on the restaurants size and preferences".

Back House

Back house is used for the kitchen where all customer orders will instantly be received and displayed from front house. Orders can be viewed in different ways, such as, list view by station, overhead monitor, or printer. All three options can be selected.


The monitor display allows the kitchen to view a large volume of orders at once, grouped by table.


A long list form, usually split by stations by the back house. Both methods are convenient and efficient. All combos and non-default toppings are displayed for the kitchen to make the required adjustments.


In addition, there’s an instant printer option. Where the kitchen will receive all incoming orders through a printer, with all the required details.

Check Out

ESEEL check-out provides the user with the capability to separate orders, and to split items between customers. All easily achievable by the click of a button. In addition, the check-out tab includes tip amount or percentage, discount, gift card and tax. A receipt can be printed or sent by email to the customer, depending on customer preference.

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