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oint of sale system.

This POS system is available for all devices, and has been developed to increase the overall efficiency of store logistics. The software is proven to be effective, and well-designed with a simple interface. The upgrade to ESEEL is beneficial to all users and customers, specifically the store owner.

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5 Reasons
to choose ESEEL POS


ESEELs software will enhance the restaurants’ efficiency and productivity by improving the workflow and logistics between front house and back house operations. For example, this POS system eliminates waiters/waitresses from continuously running around, allowing them to focus their attention on the customers.


The POS systems’ simple to use interface and the universal icons will make it very easy and quick for employees to learn how to use the software.


ESEELs POS system uses Real Time technology to ensure it is one of the fastest softwares out there. This allows the company to keep up with restaurants’ day to day activities, guaranteeing your restaurant a fast POS to sustain its successful operations.


The modern design of ESEEL improves the owner or managers operations. It will allow them to easily access all information regarding the restaurant online. For example, all open tables, current orders, completed orders, total money made, and employee schedules. In addition, it will enhance the restaurants image towards its’ customers.

Cross Platform

This POS system can be used on any product that can access the Internet. This makes it convenient for restauranteurs that are looking for affordable products.


With ESEELs’ new software there is a wide variety of features that will be beneficial for the owner as well as their employees. These features include, but does not limit to: company customization opportunities, menu design and combo creations, multiple platform connectivity, and a multi-checkout options. With these features, restauranteurs will find it very simple to integrate it with their theme, employees and previous systems/products.

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ESEEL provides a wide variety of professional services for their clients. There are different standards developed to fit all restaurant preferences. Certain restaurants may prefer multiple sit-in visits, in order to ensure our POS system is efficiently running within their business. Additionally, others may prefer a more in depth tutorial to thoroughly understand the POS system. Lastly, we offer the owner with menu implementation to ease the process of switching POS systems. All options are clearly stated below within our packages.

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