The softwares’ installation is an easy process as the application can be downloaded to any IOS device, or accessed through any product with a web browser. Our tech team can ease this process by ensuring all devices are connected and setup in their required stations; this includes any kiosk’s, and/or kitchen monitors.


Purchasing ESEELs setup services with the software will ensure your restaurant a quick and safe upgrade. One of our experienced representatives will be tasked with implementing the restaurants menu into the POS system and customizing the restaurants colours and themes; this will eliminate any worries of a difficult transition.

Floor Plan

A customized floor plan will benefit restaurants - in terms of organization - that have about 15 to 20 tables. Additionally, it will improve the POS systems interface for employees’ as they will not be required to memorize which table numbers go where.


In order to have the software fully ready for use, with all features being accessed, the software must be integrated to work with the printers and payment systems. This service will be carried out by our tech team.


With the new POS system our representatives will provide the restauranteurs and their employees a thorough tutorial on how to efficiently use ESEELs POS system. This tutorial will ease the transition into the new POS system for everyone at the restaurant.


ESEELs’ software will provide restaurants with the opportunity to advertise directly towards their customers by its email feature. The POS system stores emails from each customer and, if requested, ESEEL can provide these emails to the restaurant in order to send out mass advertisements to all past customers. This will be highly beneficial to all restauranteurs as they will be able to increase their total revenue, brand awareness and loyalty.